Coming up for air- after the depression feels lifted

After coming up for air after those down days with depression it almost feels unreal. My body naturally wakes up at a decent time, i’m able to start working earlier and that darkness and heaviness is lifted. I almost feel like a brand new person and even inspired.

blog post about anxiety and depression

If you don’t follow my Instagram, you might have missed me speaking about my depression and anxiety. I was diagnosed with situational depression at two different times in the last 10 years and even had some anxiety attacks in the last few years. It’s not nearly as bad as what some people deal with. I’ve learned the signs and how to protect my well being as much as i can. Even though reading, and journaling, exercise, and pushing myself keep it at bay and keep me motivated and truly happy; those times where i feel the heaviness coming over me, I’m unable to do the things i love for a few days. Luckily, i know I’ll need the extra sleep, i reach out to some people to hold me accountable so i eat and get out of bed eventually. I am very grateful though it doesn’t affect my work. if i have a shoot, i just know I’ll sleep the whole day leading up to it, and conserve my energy. I can still get everything i need to and sometimes the creative juices flow even better, but after I’ll be crashing in bed again.

I am not able to share my thoughts during those days, as it would take all my energy to write about it. But after, like i said coming up for air, i can think so much more clearly about what happened. It’s usually brought on by extreme stress, and I’ve tried to keep stress levels down in my personal life, knowing i don’t handle them as well as i used to. but It happens, and now that i know i may struggle with this for a long time, i have the routine down. How i speak to myself is a huge deal, allowing myself to rest knowing it’ll get better more quickly if i just allow myself to be still.

I share this part of my life not for sympathy by any means. But i feel it’s just as important to share the great times as well as the struggle. And when I’m not struggling i appreciate all i have even more. I also want you to see a glimpse of why I push reading and journaling so much, and why i push being vulnerable with people who can hold you accountable, counseling or mentors, exercise and how we speak to ourselves, and also why it’s important to see ourselves as strong, capable women. It’s necessary, It helps build us, and even through the sadness i know I’ll be strong again and in the midst i still am. And i need it too, it’s helped me get through some extremely difficult situations and instilled confidence, self love, knowledge, understanding, and vulnerability.

So when you see the happy posts (and i really am happy most the time) and i push you to do those things, it’s because they make such an impact in our lives, and from experience, it can better our character and help us move forward in a healthy realistic and life-changing way.

Keep Shining

Shanna Star

Photo Above: Self Portrait. Hair and Makeup by Stacy Alderson

30A Couples photoshoot and beach boudoir

i love my clients. Truly, Ms. A here was ready to rock her shoot both solo and when her husband joined us on the beach and all the gorgeous pieces she brought with! I swear if those shoes were my size, i was going to take them!

Starting in the studio meant some time with just the girls. Mariah from Mya Glam did her hair and makeup and then we started with a more pin-up type style. Meeting her husband at the beach for photos, i loved looking over and seeing how he couldn’t take his eyes off her. (i mean who can blame him!) and snuggling up with one another for a few couples photos. What better way to end a photoshoot then plans for them to go out after! Hair and makeup ready.

Here’s just a few of the MANY favorites i had. Glamorous, smart, hard working, beautiful, strong Ms. A.

pinup style florida boudoir portraits
gorgeous pin up style photoshoot with lace shoes
beautiful indoor boudoir photoshoot- PCB
outdoor beach photoshoot with cowgirl hat
30a boudoir and photoshoot on the beach
panama city beach beauty and boudoir photoshoot
gorgeous glamour and boudoir on the beach
beautiful poses for beach portraits
emerald coast boudoir photoshoot
gorgeous cowgirl on the beach
30a couples photoshoot on the beach
couples anniversary photoshoot on the beach
couples photoshoot
beach poses for couples
couples on the beach 30a

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Shanna Star

Below is a book i recommend picking up!

Keeping it smokin' hot in the cooler months- Panama City Beach boudoir

It may be getting cooler in some parts of the country but here in Panama City Beach, it’s nice and hot!- and so is the weather ;) Ms. M here is amazing. She’s such an incredibly hard worker and bikini competitor, wife, mama to two sets of twins, and beautiful heart. She came into the studio for an anniversary gift (some of those fabulous shots are for her husband’s eyes only but she ROCKED those too) and also because she she recently competed. I am so proud of her and who she is. Love spending time with her and hearing her story and completely blessed being constantly surrounded by strong, courageous and honestly badass women. Here’s just a few of my favorites from out of the studio!

Hair and Makeup by Stacy Alderson

30a beach boudoir
panama city beach buodoir
davista photography- beach photography session
gorgeous beach boudoir and beauty session
florida bikini competitor and photo session
panama city beach photographer
inlet beach photo session
gorgeous bikini competitor photo shoot
bikini competitor beach photo shoot
drone photography

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Shanna Star

Few books for you to check out too!

Brooke and Mitchell's Red Wing, Minnesota Wedding

I love witnessing love, coming together and the beautiful wedding day as a commitment of their future together. Brooke and Mitchell’s wedding day had just about every one in tears and some (including mine) multiple times throughout the day. i could go on about not only what a heart of gold the bride has and how much Mitchell loves Brooke so, but also the families that are there for support. Brooke’s dad gave a beautiful speech followed by Mitchell’s mother and what an incredibly special day it was. I’m always so thankful to be a small part of their day and hope they’ll look back and remember all the details that seem to go by so quickly.

Below is just a few favorites i had to share, and if you you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see a link to view even more!

Congratulations Brooke and Mitchell! i will keep your marriage in my prayers, adore you both!

bridal accents couture wedding dress minnesota
bride getting ready
bride and grandmother
bridal accents couture minnesota wedding dress
wedding details
mrs hanger
beautiful red wing minnesota bride
bride and groom
bride and bridesmaids
bride and her bridal party autumn wedding
groom and groomsmen
special details for a wedding
wedding details florals
wedding signs
bride and groom under the veil
bridesmaid and bride red wing
wedding details
dorito bar for a wedding
memorial hill park red wing
red wing bride minnesota
bridal accents couture minnesota
goregous bride and groom

Do you want to see more and maybe even surprise the couple with some prints right from my lab? here’s a link to see more and order the images you’d like!

Dress by Bridal Accents Couture

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Shanna Star

Luke & Andrea- Willow Creek Golf Course Wedding Rochester Minnesota

This beautiful Rochester Minnesota wedding at the Willow Creek Golf Course has an extra special place in my heart. Not only did I get to photograph in my home state, i was with some amazing people… and family.

Luke and Andrea are such a lovely incredible couple and seeing them say i do was perfect. The beautiful blush pink colors, the toasty august sunny day, surrounded by happy tears and big hugs. Congratulations to you both and i will continue to pray for your marriage and relationship. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of your fabulous day! Here’s just a few favorites, but if you want to see more, there’s a link at the bottom, so don’t miss it!

rochester minnesota floral
wedding details
rochester minnesota wedding dress
minnesota bride
rocheser minnesota wedding
wedding day heels
bridal party photos
country inn and suites rochester minnesota
welcome wedding sign rochester
wedding rochester MN
Minnesota wedding
beautiful bridal portraits outdoors
willow creek golf course
willow creek golf course wedding
bride and groom portraits
wedding day bride and groom
kiss on the forehead bride and groom
willow creek golf course wedding rochester
rochester golf course wedding minnesota
bride and flower girl
beautiful bride
bridal party outdoor portraits wearing blush
willow creek golf course rochester minnesota
groomsmen photos
willow golf course rochester minnesota wedding
willow creek wedding
outdoor minnesota wedding
blush pink wedding
gorgeous outdoor minnesota wedding
first kiss
willow creek golf course bride and groom
bridal portraits at sunset
minnesota wedding photographer

Do you know the bride and groom and want to purchase some prints for them or for you!? Now you can, click HERE to order prints from my lab and they’ll be delivered right to your door!

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