Panama City Beach Glamour and Boudoir

One of my favorite quotes still is John C Maxwell’s “You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” For myself, it’s really held true. Big goals are just small baby steps we work towards every day. Having self love isn’t just doing more, but adjusting your thinking, because what you do comes from what you think.

I hear people’s dreams and hear the word someday and it gets my stomach in knots. Someday will never come, but you can work towards those seemingly impossible dreams every day and soon you’ll be adding more goals and dreams to your life. Being around women who are working towards those goals, this gorgeous woman below included, has helped me keep pushing towards mine. I look back only to see how far i’ve come. I’m doing the things i’ve set out to do and still have many more things I want for this short, beautiful, confusing, crazy life. But if I wasn’t willing to be uncomfortable or change my daily habits, I wouldn't have the things i’ve gained today. Most of my posts are usually a little kinder, but today we need a push. stop saying someday, change something you do every single day to work towards them and you’ll see the change in yourself and in meeting your goals.

Now for this strong, beautiful, funny, goofy, fabulous woman and some favorites from our session. Follow Cali on instagram

Makeup from Mariah of Beauty Bees.— another fabulous hard working woman I love working with!

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Keep Shining

Shanna Star

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Panama City Beach Florida Studio Boudoir

There are so reasons I love boudoir photography. One is the amount of time spent with amazing women!- Hearing their story while they get their makeup done, and connecting with who they are while photographing them. This fabulous woman was an absolute blast. Her and a friend of hers both came in for boudoir sessions as a surprise gift to each of their husbands. Of course, the experience and feeling sexy before presenting the gift to a significant other is even better.Here’s just a few of my favorites from our Panama city beach studio session.

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Keep Shining

Shanna Star

Panama City Beach beauty portraits

“Women that rise. You see the strong women who rise after falling, after hurts, after tragedy. What they have in common— they’re feeling machines. They deal with their issues and recognize central roles that relationships play. They stay curious on how emotions, thoughts, and behaviors are connected. The willingness to lean into discomfort and vulnerability.” (Rising Strong by Brene Brown) Women have their portraits taken for hundreds of reasons, each is their own story. And each story matters, because each woman matters, but one reason is it is a part of a healing process. It’s a way to say “i matter, i have great value, and i am worthy of feeling beautiful, strong, and brilliant.” 

Love is the last thing we need to ration, and when women realize self love is part of that too, something wonderful happens, she rises.

Here are a few favorites from Elexa's portrait shoot on the beach. Not only did she rock it in front of the camera in Rosemary beach, 30a and Panama City Beach, she brought some loved ones that had her rolling with laughter and cheering her on in the background. Adore her and the time we had together!

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Follow Elexa on Instagram to see her artwork! 

Keep Shining

Shanna Star

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Self portraits- in studio and on the beach

"The most important day is the day you decide you're good enough for you. It's the day you set yourself free."

Something has been slowly changing for me over the last couple months. self love has increased, and I feel so good about me.  even more so with these self portraits, it just  clicked for me this weekend, more than it has for other self portraits. I saw them and liked almost every single one. (minus the ones me running to my spot, I always dork it up, those are just ridiculous) but I didn't have even the urge to photoshop my body, even my cyst in my armpit I've been so self conscious about I thought just looks like boob to anyone else so I didn't care. I have been preaching self love while I was myself continually working on it and I will continue to do so. While I've been learning my body and my mind, I have fallen in love with it within the past months. Don't get me wrong, PMS strikes my girl brain hard and for a day says I'm not worth it, but the next day I kick that stupid thought and go on loving who I am. 

Do I always look this put together? oh heck no and these photos aren't reflecting that I do, but I am capable of feeling like a  badass. I'll be in yoga pants rocking my high one-a-week-washed  hair bun most the time, and I couldn't do my makeup like this if I tried, so I'll stick to SPF moisturizer, and a little mascara and that's okay. It's not about changing who I am, it's about seeing myself as beautiful like we do all the other women. we are quick to think other women are perfect, but don't take the time to appreciate what the have to offer, and after these photos, I'm feeling great again. A little reminder of what I bring to the table and with the right tools, we can all ROCK IT even more. Although my unwashed hair bun, I kinda love.

 when's the last time you pampered yourself (because we all need it sometimes!) with something that wouldn't be quite so temporary? I've said for a while women will save up for what they value and get exactly what they want. But that purse you desperately want... you probably won't use after a few years time. Those nails although beautiful, will have to be filled again, and the shoes will be worn out. Investing in beauty isn't a bad thing, but what about something you can pass on or an art piece to hang in your home? Even after the experience is done, the photographs remain. I know even though it's my profession I haven't always felt worthy of sexy photos, because who am I to do so?- I'm not famous. Then I think about photographs of women I'd want in my home, the famous-to-me women. They're the ones I look up to and strive to be like. and I just keep thinking how I would LOVE to have images of my grandmother and mom to pass down, print, and show off. yeah even the "cheeky" ones I would print HUGE and hang in my home. in fact, anytime I can, I show off a hot pic of my mom when she was younger. is and was always a babe. 

So the next time you're feeling unworthy is maybe the exact time to step In front of the camera and have something to remember what a gorgeous strong fiery woman you are. Also how we survive posing in heels and roller-skates, cause it isn't easy! 


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Hair and makeup by Stacy Anderson, Follow her on Instagram and Facebook

Keep Shining and sometimes pamper yourself.

Shanna Star

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