Networking- yes it really is that important

I’d say most of my work is behind the computer in my pajamas looking like a hot mess. But one of the most vital parts of my career is networking. The thing that scares most people and seems like the “extra” part of any good client building practice. But as i’ve started my business over in 4 states and Florida really hit the ground running, and grateful for a contract job where it’s part of the job to network i have to say.. it’s not just “nice” to have networking, it’s part of the job. In fact, if you don’t dedicate offline-in person networking, your business will not be as far along as it could. I’m saying this while still knowing i have a long ways to go. I’ve lived in Panama City Beach for two years, and even after working my butt off in person, it really takes relationship building, time, and consistent face to face to build reputation, trust, and cliente. Not just with friends, but people you look up to, aspire to get knowledge from.. ya know.. the ones that make you feel uncomfortable to email or call.. yup… those ones. It’s absolutely necessary. This is a light kick in the butt for those with businesses or careers where finding clients is essential. (which, honestly all the business cards i’ve collected, is even MORE prominent that i grasped until this last year)

networking:building relationships for business

As many of you claim not to read as much because you’re “lacking time” (btw how’s all those tv shows you’re caught up with?) I have a little writing exercise for you. How many hours per week do you spend OFFLINE in person networking? If you haven’t planned it out and made it a priority, i highly suggest you do now. Not only will building relationships over time help your business, but it gets you in front of people in the industry longer, giving pointers, practice for interviews and reaching out, and you never know who they can connect you with in the future. It’s always better to continue relationships and have something come your way, then to network out of desperation asking for a hand out.

We all have something to give.I don’t network with the intention that they’ll be my client, i’m hoping at some point we can work together, or if the relationship is strong enough, they’ll connect me with another business woman or future client. I network with intention to learn and give back. I want to be able to give what i have to help the people i reach out to. I also go knowing every person has something to teach me, and i’m all ears in personal and business growth.

Just a little reminder even if you don’t have a career that you NEED networking, it’s vital for relationship building, character building, connections, and getting over the fear of reaching out. (Though sometimes i take a deep breath before sending a first contact email) Networking online is great, but in person is always more effective. so reach out to 5 people this week that scare you a little. Offer to get them a cup of a coffee and pick their brain, or start by attending a networking event. You never know.. you may be the person they’ve been looking for or they’re exactly what you were hoping too.

Be bold today. After all, I’m friends with the Waffle Queen, Sarah because i stalked her business and thought we’d work great together. Stalked might be a little heavy of a word.. but I do some research before i reach out to businesses i think would fit both benefit from.LOVE HER.

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exercise: plan out your networking events for the week. reach out to 5 people or companies and offer to get together. Attend one networking event and write down how many hours you dedicate to networking a week… start with 2 hours per week offline. When you email or connect, it’s okay to feel like you’re gonna poop your pants. It’s SO scary at first, it’ll get easier.

A little book suggestion for you!

Luxery Bridal Styled Photoshoot with Myah Glam and CO., Margaret Ellen Bridal, and Davista Photography

It’s not every day 3 businesses owned by women collaborate and also include 2 other businesses and work with 3 amazing models. At the very least, it should happen even more. I truly adored not only how smooth this day went, how fun, beautiful, and exciting but seeing women work together- believe in each other’s business, and encourage one another through the whole process. Each of these models slayed their session and were SO excited when one of the other women came out in another dress looking flawless. That’s something i wish you could’ve all seen (maybe when i can get an extra pair of hands constantly getting behind the scenes footage) you’ll see the expressions and hear the encouragement these badass and strong women showed during the whole process.

Margaret Ellen Bridal is located in 30Avenue in Rosemary Beach, not only was it her fabulous gowns but also was the location for this shoot. A dream location and honestly a dream to work with. Maggie has worked building her brand and i can’t say enough wonderful things about not only her personalized and private bridal shopping but also her down to earth personality and excitement about all things wedding and making each bride feel extra special, heard, and find the gown she’s been searching for.

Mariah of Myah Glam Co. and I have been working together for some time, owner and on location service around “Destin, Fort Walton, Pensacola, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa, 30A, Panama City Beach and surrounding areas for Wedding parties large and small.” Not only weddings, you’ll see Mariah and her team tagged in a lot of my boudoir sessions as she does the hair and makeup for my clients too. She is incredile to work with, and somehow always knows the vision i had for clients too. A little bolder of a style is her favorite (which is why i think i love her so!) she is constantly working on her business and expanding. i’m so proud of her already and know she’s doing great things here!

Shanna of Davista Photography. Okay, so if you follow me, you know this already. But i specialize in women’s portraits, weddings, and all things encouraging women. After living in 4 other states, home is here in Florida, and finding the other women i have already has been such a motivation to keep going.

Maggie, Mariah and I also brought in 2 other businesses we love. The Wedding Shop out of Panama City- you’ll see the gorgeous moongate arch below. Not only a wedding planning service, but your local wedding resource for decor, rentals, setup and tear down and all things to make your day complete! Bella Flora 30A is also seen below with the absolutely stunning bouquet!

The models went above and beyond as i bossed them around, full hair and makeup and wearing the gowns- they were up for all and any ideas, gave their all, and were just as excited for this whole beautiful process too. (Follow them on instagram Katie, Varda, and Diana.)

Now for a few of my favorites from this inspiring day, and a behind the scenes video.

Every vendor will be tagged again at the bottom.

margaret ellen bridal rosemary beach florida
bridal styled wedding shoot florida moongate arch
cheers to a successful bridal styled shoot
myah glam and Co makeup and hair rosemary beach florida
bella flora 30a florals and bride
wedding mooongate arch styled shoot in 30a florida
bridal styled shoot in panama city beach florida
bella flora 30a wedding bouquet
beautiful bride and florals from bella flora 30a
meghan markle styled wedding dress
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moongate arch the wedding shop bridal styled shoot
wedding styled shoot in rosemary beach
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panama city beach bride
bella flora 30a bouquet
gorgeous formal bridals
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hair and makeup destin florida wedding
gorgeous panama city beach bride
hair and makeup panama city beach wedding
moongate arch and bride
moongate arch and bridal photoshoot
tiara bridals
princess wedding dress florida
margaret ellen bridal gowns 30a rosemary beach
bellaflora 30a
moongate arch wedding ceremony
wedding details back of dress
margaret ellen brial shop inlet beach florida
beautiful bridal portraits panama city beach
bridal portraits florida princess dress wedding
wedding hair and makeup destin florida
gorgeous wedding dress bridal shop florida

I can’t thank each of these women enough. It went even better than Maggie, Mariah, and I imagined and look forward to trying more in the future!

Margaret Ellen Bridal

Myah Glam & Co

Davista Photography

The Wedding Shop

Bella Flora 30A

Model- Katie



Keep Shining

Shanna Star

Below is a book i highly recommend! and perfect for today’s women in business theme!

Handling challenges with grace and self portraits

Panama City Beach women’s portraits-

I wouldn’t say I have handling challenges with grace down completely, usually a few (more like 50) calls to my mom and figuring it out before I can really face any challenge head on. But I will say this, when bad days hit I used to try to superman through them, to try to act as if they didn't exist but now I know they’re needed. So I read my book, journal, watch TV, probably cry, and know this too shall pass as long as i’m willing to go through the difficult times the right way.. and that’s straight through them; allowing you to feel down to be mad, sad, upset, and then healing and moving that process along. And no, it’s not as easy as that. for myself I learned to allow myself a couple days depending on the challenge to have a little pity party and then give myself a deadline when i’ll stop and start kicking butt again. But once you get through the other side, you can see how you handled it, and what your character says about you when it happens. And that’s the best part of challenges, when you’re proud of what you said, what you did, and how you forgave or moved on.

I’m saying all this to explain a few reasons for these portraits you may have heard on my instagram earlier this week. Yes I needed portraits for content, not being hypocritical when I tell women to get photographed often, and really to update all my platforms but the day it hit me was when I needed a little self love, I decided that day I needed photographs of myself. It’s exactly what I hope for other women, that it’s something that will help empower (and there are so many things we can do to empower ourselves, this is just one.) and look at the photographs and remember you ARE the strong, capable, sexy, smart woman you tell yourself you are. And what’s more, I think it’s important as we scroll through thousands of photos of women looking their best, we see photographs of ourself looking our best too. And yes i’m sitting in my pajamas in my bed as I write this, not at my best now but I can appreciate that day and feeling strong and it carries on even when the day has passed.

Im right there with you. I get hurt, upset, go through challenges and watch sappy movies, i’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and learned the best ways to deal with it or keep it at bay. Through working on myself and loving myself i’ve found what gives me strength and keeps me going daily for the things I want most for my life i’m designing. It’s why I push so hard for you all to read, journal, workout and be vulnerable too, it just heals.

so here’s to the women and men in my life, thank you. and now a few of my favorites of me on the beach, posing alone with a camera on a tripod looking silly as always and never caring. scroll to the bottom for a short video and behind the scenes!

Shanna Magnuson- davista photography- fashion nova
Panama City Beach women's portraits
fashion nova jumpsuit beach portraits
self portraits I Panama City beach jumpsuit
fashion nova jumpsuit- Panama City beach photography
30a glamour and boudoir photographer
fashion nova yellow dress womens boudoir on the beach
fashion nova dress- Panama City beach photographer
Panama City beach boudoir photography
Panama City beach women photography
davista photography- fashion nova dress- beach photographer
fashion nova davista photography
self love self portraits on the beach
Nikon z7 self portraits on the beach
self love self portraits Panama City beach
Shanna magnuson- 30a photographer
self portraits- Shanna Magnuson
fashion nova dress- Panama City beach photography
30a portrait photographer
confident woman self portraits
women empowering women davista photography
yellow dress on the beach- poses
dress on the beach- Panama City beach photographer

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in no specific order i’m leaving you with some books i’ve loved this year. click below to order yours now!

A perfect day for a Beach Wedding- Panama City Beach Florida

An intimate beach wedding on the Emerald Coast, it was an absolutely beautiful day filled with loving family and an adventurous couple who wanted to get in the water together for photos, which is my favorite for sure! Thanks to The Wedding Shop they provide everything you need for your perfect wedding day rentals, coordinators and more!

the wedding shop Panama City
beach house wedding Airbnb
the wedding shop Panama City Florida
Panama City beach wedding
gorgeous 30a beach wedding with the wedding shop
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the wedding shop beach wedding
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the wedding shop panama city Florida
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Panama City beach wedding- davista photographer
Panama City beach wedding
beautiful bridal portraits- bride in the ocean
Panama City beach- couple in the water
Panama City beach wedding photographer- couple in the water
couple gets in water for wedding portraits
davista photographer- 30a beach wedding
beautiful beach wedding

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