The Impact You Can Make

You Have the ability right now to make an impact on the people around you-

making an impact as a small business woman-panama city beach

What kind of impact do you want you or your business to have on people? If i could really narrow it down- i want my business to change women’s minds on money, success, and confidence. Especially on Instagram i give tid bits of advice and although i’m still learning- my shelves of books, endless journals, conferences, relationships, and hard work have lead me to some knowledge and insight that i want to always give back and share. So although ill always continue for more education and digging deeper, i’m finally gaining the understanding that even where i’m at i have something to help heal people too. And for me, that’s been absolutely refreshing. I don’t have to be 75 with a life filled of experiences to make an impact, i can start now and by now i mean.. about 5 years ago when i started making these goals for my business and personal life.

In all of this to say, we all have something to offer and we can always learn something from each person we come across. Be quick to listen to their story, absorb their information and if they’re wanting and able to absorb what you have to offer, give back as much as possible.

my areas of impacting men and women?- it comes from my experiences and passions in life. We don’t have to be stuck where we are with money, success means more than just climbing a corporate ladder, and if you have the confidence- you’ll have exactly what you need to design your life, money, and success. You need only to figure out what a dream life looks like, and day by day, habit by habit, make it happen. It’s absolutely in the daily baby steps to achieve those goals you have. Many more details on how to make that happen to come.

Today, start with purchasing a journal that you love. whether that means cheap, bound leather, girly, an inspiring quote etc. Then open it up and take some sticky notes- one write down goals for the year, one sticky note with goals for long term. one for how much per month you’ll put in a savings account (please refer to my Instagram under tips for that) and if you have a small business that’s not quite up and paying you regularly- get a sticky note for how much you’re paying yourself each month. and one more for donations towards a church or something you believe in (currently mine’s a dog shelter i volunteered at). Each time you open that journal, take a second to look at the things you want for your life and what you’re doing to help in the meantime, a reminder to change daily habits to do things FOR those goals.

“it’s the first step, getting out the door- that’s the toughest. if you can do that, you’ve already won.”

Keep Shining

Shanna Star

Few books I recommend! please click on these links so I know if they’re helpful for you!

How I prepare my Photography business for an out of state move

Moving a business can be a lot of hard work especially since it takes about 3 years to establish your clients, I tend to get new clientele right when I'm leaving a new state (I'm here Hampton, Virginia but I was in Alamogordo, Vegas, and St. Paul before that). But there are things you can do ahead of time to start out strong in a new place and keep clients from where you just moved from. Here's how I prepare my business:

Hampton roads fitness and boudoir photographer

1- Stalking or as I like to call it, educating yourself on other businesses in the area. I spend hours and hours researching businesses that not only I like but think I can do something for them as well as they could add value to mine. Because I'm heading towards beauty/boudoir/fitness I look up fitness instructors, pole dancing classes, women's groups, lingerie shops, boutique shops, makeup artists, hair stylists, wedding shops/events, fashionistas, and meet up groups in the area along with anything specialized in that area. I don't jump the gun and email every location. I look up their website and all forms of social media and see who they are and what they're about. If I feel we'd be a good fit and complement one another, I reach out to them. Once I actually get to the city, I do more cold call/marketing in person which at first is overwhelming and you'll hear lots of no's, but it's part of process to meeting new people and businesses. 

2- Look up events to advertise at or be a vender. There are tons of women's vender fairs, Christmas, wedding, etc so I try to find one I think will get me the most face time with people and worth the money. However with a photography business, there is hardly a sale at the vender fair so I don't spend a huge marketing percentage there, because there isn't always a lot of direct income from it. However, it is a great way to meet other venders and people. 

3- Getting to know other women and their businesses. When I start to meet people in person whether it's marketing meet up or organically, I try to do a lot of the listening unless they ask. So I can learn about them, so I can do something for them and don't make it about me. 

4- Don't forget where you move from! I still hashtag a previous location where the photograph was taken because I still want clients from those cities! So I try to keep connections to get business, and I don't try to cater only to the new city by only posting for them. Which is why I don't do a lot of suggesting places in the new city because most of my followers aren't there. 

you are fearfully and wonderfully made

5- Take some time to re-do your online presence. I switch locations on Instagram, google, linked-in, Facebook, website (which I forgot and a very wonderful person pointed it out to me!) and social media in general. I try to make my website SEO friendly for my current city so they can find me. 

6- Announce my travel schedule online. In order to keep clients from other cities, updating when you'll be there both in my newsletter and online is a great way to keep them in the know and able to schedule a session!

7- Re-do all my business licensing for the new state.

8-Update physical address on my brochures, address labels, etc. 

9- I set up model calls to work with locals and also a great way to first work with makeup artists/hair stylists before a client gets there so the team together is polished. 

10- Make friends- word of mouth is always a great way to build your clientele, plus you'll need a great group of people to support you.. even outside of business.


A little extra- It will be slow moving. You feel like a beginner in your craft, trying to get clients in the door. It's often frustrating and you might feel like it's too much to take on trying to rebuild something that was built up in the last place. But I always tell myself to keep working, because this is what I love to do, and I know it's what I'm supposed to be doing right now.

Keep Shining

Shanna Star

Small Business Saturday

Holiday shopping is coming up and even started for some! With Small Business Saturday on November 26th, don't forget to shop small! all those fabulous and fun gifts to buy for loved ones, why not purchase and support small businesses! More personalized, keeping those businesses going, and unique it's a perfect way to spread Holiday Cheer! 

From November 22nd- December 15th, I'm offering a huge special for portrait packages AND shirts! I also will have different specials each month of the year, only for those who have signed up for my monthly newsletter. You can sign up here

small business saturday
support small businesses, shop small
shop small

If you want to support small entrepreneurs but not sure where to start, here's a few I follow and love! 

Royal Tees Screen Printing- Located in Las Cruces, New Mexico i STILL send my designs to get printed with them! beautiful quality and easy to work with! 

Bliss Body and Bath- I've ordered from her several times, after working with her at a Las Vegas event, she ships her delicious and moisturizing products right to your door. oh and did i mention, they're adorable! 

Mericakes- One of my closest and wonderful friends Erika! Her cakes are always over the top beautiful, made with love, and delicious! missing her! so if you're in the Destin, Florida area check her out! 

Flavor God- a little bigger of a small company, but this is where i buy all my seasonings! great little gift! (especially for those picky about food too!)

It's Breath Taking CPR- My mom and aunt own a CPR business in Dallas Texas. They sweet mama opened this business and her daughters now run it! so if you're in the area, and are in need of classes, i highly suggest these women!

Tina Mae Photography- specializing in newborn and children photograph in Zumbrota Minnesota she's someone i have to follow! my best friend just got their newborn photos there too. LOVE! 

Your local photographer!- Do you know someone who got their photograph taken with someone? Call or email them to add extra prints to the loved photo package, or get another print they wanted but couldn't get on the budget for now! a fun surprise and easy to do! 

Art Fairs- This is the time of year for Holiday art fairs, take a few minutes to check out what's in YOUR area to support small businesses! 

small business saturday november 26 2016

We all sometimes head to big companies to quickly get shopping done, but I find the more i order from etsy, art fairs, and small businesses, the more i know i'm helping support dreams. Try to buy a few things from smaller shops this year, something more personalized, unique, and great service! 


Keep Shining

Shanna Star

Small Business Saturday-2015

Holiday shopping is in full effect, and what better way to support small businesses than to #shopsmall this season purchase beautiful handmade items. 

I'll be sharing a few places where i enjoy to shop small for the holidays and also a deal going on for Davista Photography this weekend only! November 28/29th. 

This weekend only book a session or gift card worth full session and receive a new designed shirt! (restrictions and how to below) these have been in the works for a while and are finally here, even more amazing than i hoped! i even teamed up with a local screen printing business here in New Mexico!  If you're just wanting to order a shirt, they're available now!

Royal Tees Screen Printing- Las Cruces, New Mexico. worked with these amazing people for my design is always a great place to support small businesses, and specifically Bliss Body & Bath, Taleeda is the owner who i worked with in Vegas, and still can't get enough of the yummy products she makes. 

Flavor God Seasoning is a small business where i order from, they're packed with flavor without all the added junk you don't want in seasonings. Their bottles are MUCH bigger than you purchase at the store (which is why they're slightly more) 

Another favorite is the local Christmas vendor bazaars! I get to shop local, support the community, and i'm always a sucker for dips and hand-made pastas. Look around your city's Facebook page, city events and even businesses to see when a few are near you! 




*Restrictions for Davista Photography #shopsmall deal. November 28th/29th 2015, purchase any session (family, boudoir, beauty, fitness, wedding) and receive newly designed by me t-shirt. Must use the session from dec 2015-july 2016. or purchase gift card at least worth value of a full session. also to be used by july 2016. offer does not include compression shirts. compression shirts are a $5 uncharge. Cannot be exchanged for cash. deal is for U.S only and i will ship out the shirt to you. no restrictions on number of sessions to purchase. 

Normally the shirt will be 24.99 (29.99 for compression shirts) + 5.00 for shipping or included when you purchase the highest tier photography package only. LADIES. more photos of the women's shirts are coming, if you want to see close ups, don't hesitate to ask! 

*HOW TO BOOK A SESSION- email or click HERE. Specify type of session you're interested in, and i will send you pricing list along with shirt choices. You can decide to purchase gift card in that amount for a loved one, or session for you! include address to send shirt to. easy! shopping is done, and a shirt just for you!

Happy Holidays every one and enjoy this time not only shopping and giving gifts to loved ones, but time with them too

-Shanna Star