The Impact You Can Make

You Have the ability right now to make an impact on the people around you-

making an impact as a small business woman-panama city beach

What kind of impact do you want you or your business to have on people? If i could really narrow it down- i want my business to change women’s minds on money, success, and confidence. Especially on Instagram i give tid bits of advice and although i’m still learning- my shelves of books, endless journals, conferences, relationships, and hard work have lead me to some knowledge and insight that i want to always give back and share. So although ill always continue for more education and digging deeper, i’m finally gaining the understanding that even where i’m at i have something to help heal people too. And for me, that’s been absolutely refreshing. I don’t have to be 75 with a life filled of experiences to make an impact, i can start now and by now i mean.. about 5 years ago when i started making these goals for my business and personal life.

In all of this to say, we all have something to offer and we can always learn something from each person we come across. Be quick to listen to their story, absorb their information and if they’re wanting and able to absorb what you have to offer, give back as much as possible.

my areas of impacting men and women?- it comes from my experiences and passions in life. We don’t have to be stuck where we are with money, success means more than just climbing a corporate ladder, and if you have the confidence- you’ll have exactly what you need to design your life, money, and success. You need only to figure out what a dream life looks like, and day by day, habit by habit, make it happen. It’s absolutely in the daily baby steps to achieve those goals you have. Many more details on how to make that happen to come.

Today, start with purchasing a journal that you love. whether that means cheap, bound leather, girly, an inspiring quote etc. Then open it up and take some sticky notes- one write down goals for the year, one sticky note with goals for long term. one for how much per month you’ll put in a savings account (please refer to my Instagram under tips for that) and if you have a small business that’s not quite up and paying you regularly- get a sticky note for how much you’re paying yourself each month. and one more for donations towards a church or something you believe in (currently mine’s a dog shelter i volunteered at). Each time you open that journal, take a second to look at the things you want for your life and what you’re doing to help in the meantime, a reminder to change daily habits to do things FOR those goals.

“it’s the first step, getting out the door- that’s the toughest. if you can do that, you’ve already won.”

Keep Shining

Shanna Star

Few books I recommend! please click on these links so I know if they’re helpful for you!

Giving myself Permission to add to the conversation

I stopped the personal posts for a while. Not because I didn’t have anything to say.. as if that could ever happen. But I had to rearrange my mindset. In the midst of the many changes going on here in Panama City Beach both personal and professionally, it took a toll on my mind. I had to get back to the place where I gave myself permission to add to the conversation again. Of all the advice and opinions from experience, books, and growth I started to lose the permission I gave myself to give advice to you. I recently read a little quote “i’m a contributor not a guru” and in its simplicity I felt compelled to write again. I felt ABLE to write again. 31, divorced, no kids, I may not have some of the same experiences. But moving across country alone, starting over, confidence, finances, business building, self-worth, and LOTS of learning has given me insight that for some reason I took away from myself. I may not be taking the same path as you (but man all of our lives are vastly different anyway!) and I really do love the life i’m designing.. yes DESIGNING myself. I have four jobs and building a business and a name here in a new place, but today on my lunch break I went out to the pool. It’s those small things that I always wanted. It’s not at all how I imagined it, it’s better. Currently sitting in my big comfy bed in between other work tasks, and so incredibly thankful that I can sit here and say the difficulties lead me where I am, and i’m happy.

mindset is everything- Panama City blog

We can all love our lives. isn’t it wonderful that each of us can have a little secret of happiness that the life we’re living is the one for us. I love where I am, what i’m doing, and although it’s been difficult, i’m giving myself permission again to add to the conversation. I have a lot more to learn, but these past few years have filled me with a lot of knowledge and experience.

Secret to success no matter what it is?- it’s mindset. You may have difficult days, hard months, or even years. But your mindset will push you through. “Fear is normal, understandable and inevitable.. but it’s not a good excuse to stop pursing your designed life.” (Denise Duffiled- Thomas)

Keep Shining

Shanna Star

temporarily moving backward- with intention

We all need words from people who inspire us, encourage, and motivate us in a new way. It’s one of the many reasons I push people to read and journal. It truly manifests deep within us when we start focusing on the words of someone we trust, and then use that to thrust us towards our goals, self-love, and, even sometimes just forgiveness.

like she owns the place- blogger

I started reading from a new author Cara Alwill Leyba, and to say i’m already in love with her work is an understatement. Cara has pink hair, obsessed with working from home for freedom, wants to give women confidence, and oh has an obsession with Stevie Nicks. Honestly, I’m halfway through this book “Like she Owns The Place” and I just felt compelled to write to the author a huge thank you already, so I did. she wrote back within an hour, and I about fell out of my chair.

It might not be monumental, but sometimes it’s WHEN we read the words that matter, when our hearts and mind are open and it’s manifested in a whole new way. I have been on the verge of rearranging some of my life. (I know, how much more could it be rearranged with all the changes in the last few years?) and it lead me down some serious paths and conversations about how I feel sometimes i’m moving backward. It’s hard for me to even type that to you. But it’s true. don’t get me wrong, i’m happy, I love what i’m doing and who I am but I guess in the comparison of life, it’s just not where I thought I would be at 31. Then I read these words just two days after I told someone I feel like i’m going backward.. and the author said “Sometimes moving forward means moving backward, at least temporarily.” yup. it’s exactly what I needed in that moment. The Ah-Ha moment that the direction i’m going and about to go is still the right one for me. It’s hard and draining, and I work my butt off. But words from someone I connected with, lets me know this is the right path still. The hard work I put in, will pay off, and all the gut feelings are of sound reason even if from the outside, they aren’t a normal path.

temporary going backwards- personal blog post Shanna star Magnuson

so now the reason for this post for you, because believe it or not, it’s not just for me to babble about my life. Being authentically you is going to look vastly different from every single person around you. For me, it’s pink hair, lifting heavy, reading books, being extra,and wearing pink practically everyday while willing to work 80 hours a week for my passion so I won’t always work 40 hours a week for someone else. The best non-monumental but true words I can share today is, to learn who you are inside and out, and embrace whoever that is. Learn self love and practice it daily (because it is a DAILY practice), and then listen to those gut instincts. Living life according to the needs of your inner body, the things that make you happy and make you beautiful..I mean that make you sparkle and shine and glow, all of those energies that make you beautiful on the outside because you are on the inside. And if you’re thinking about putting pink in your hair.. DO IT. 80 year old you will be so glad, and also I fully intend to have pink hair at 80. I mean, i’m guessing i’ll still be extra then too. So, figure out what makes you light up from the inside out, and even if it looks not normal to those around you, and go for it so 80 year old you can look back and know you did everything you wanted to pursue your purpose.

Keep Shining

Shanna Star

Inhale and exhale- Time to replenish your heart

Inhale. Exhale. I read about giving and taking, inhaling and exhaling in my book recently and wanted to share it with you. If you’ve read past posts, you might have come across me encouraging you to do something for yourself. Reading, walking, time at the beach, lifting weights. Whatever it may be that refreshes your heart. I’m not a mom so I know I don’t always understand the full extent of not being able to because your little babies are time suckers. (I know, WORTH it and wonderful, but your world revolves around theirs) But I do know some incredible moms that I listen very carefully to as they tell me what gives them the most energy so they can give that energy back to their family. Do you know what I hear from just about every mom? It’s doing the things for themselves. I’m sure it’s hard to find time, and you want to be the best wife/mom/supporter and give your all and feel like you can take on the world. But here’s the thing, in order to exhale, the inhale is essential. Powerful words I read from Dr. Halifax. It doesn’t have to be every single day, or hours of your time. But most of you can find 15 min a few times a week and ask for alone time. At first it feels like an extra to-do list. But when I calm my mind and take time to do something for me, I’m able to give back ten-fold.

in order to exhale the inhale is essential blog lifestyle

Ladies, I’m pointing us out because we tend to not feel worthy of this time to ourselves. Or we compare super-mom/woman and saying I put my kids ahead of me/husband/life. It’s not a contest who can do the least amount for themselves. It’s about living a healthy and fulfilling life where you give, but also enjoy.  I do get that for a while newborns especially need basically all of your time. But I have found the happiest (I mean truly happiest, not the moms that just seem put together) are ones that often take time for them. And it’s okay. I see for example how 30 minutes of working out for a few ladies help them have energy and not only energy to give back, but they feel better about themselves. And what is that going to do in the long run? Hopefully teach their young ones that it’s important to take care of themselves, they’re worth it, and hopefully teach them a healthy self-esteem when they see mom with one too. We don’t have to be perfect. Absolutely not. But if you want to give a big exhale and give to your family, you need that inhale, it’s essential.

My mom was and continues to be a wonderful example of this. I may not be able to speak from a mother’s point of view (only what moms tell me) but I can speak from a daughter’s point of view and what it taught me. When I was a young girl, my mom didn’t take time for her. It didn’t hurt our relationship per-say and I know she gave her all to my brother and me. I’ll speak more on that in a minute. But something she did do, was take care of herself. And not once did I hear her say something negative about her body. Not. Once. I hear too many women saying negative things about their bodies in front of their young girls and I can see it affects them. You may not see it, but those girls will look for flaws on themselves, and maybe start to notice it in others. It becomes part of their thoughts, or on their radar, when maybe it didn’t cross their mind that their body wasn’t good enough. Besides, we all as young women think it eventually, we don’t need to hear it from our moms too. I didn’t once think when I was little that my mom was anything but confident. And it helped instill that in me. When I got older, she started taking a little time for herself. And while I never disrespected her, it made me respect her more. She was doing something to better herself. As a daughter seeing this, I saw how important it was. And our relationship grew. She still didn’t say anything negative to me about her body at that time, but she was doing things to improve herself. I’m still so proud of how she did that. And now. Somewhere in our early 20’s, mom becomes more of a friend than a mom. And this is when we can (I feel) say things about bodies that maybe we want to improve. My mom still doesn’t say anything negative. Maybe she’d like my help, or needs to exercise more, but it’s never a negative conversation. 

My mom continues to be the best at exhaling. She will cook, clean, decorate, shop, and give. Actually typing that just made me want to nap. She has truly the most giving and beautiful heart I’ve seen in a woman. But I think as she’s gotten older (not much older she’s still what.. 35?) she sees the importance of doing things for herself. She’s happy and can give more and still have energy to family. Which let’s be honest is great for me.. since lately I call her every day and need her. 

I know life has a way from stealing our time. Before we know it, days and weeks have gone by before we can even think about doing something for ourselves. But if we MAKE the time, our exhale can be bigger, because we inhaled deeply. 

What are ways you inhale for yourself? I’d love to know how you take time to refresh your heart.

Keep Shining

Shanna Star

You make oceans from the rain

you make oceans from the rain personal blog post

I read this in my journal last night. “In life there must be rain.” It made me do two things. 1- i skimmed back through my journal and could literally see the rain and sun in the phases of the last two years. What stood out in books, things i thought, and even how my handwriting changes when i’m down and when i’m full of joy. And 2- it made me think of a song that was a favorite of mine for years. “You make oceans from the rain.” I have had seemingly a lot of rainy days not just scattered in like years before but months of rain. As i think it clears i hit another big storm and try as i might, i can’t seem to find my grip again. Then, that sentence. in life there must be rain. Does it help us enjoy the sun, maybe it molds and makes us stronger, gives us experience and wisdom, or maybe it just shows our true character. 

There must be rain, but when i put it with the song lyrics.. you make oceans from the rain, i can almost feel that though i don’t believe everything happens for a reason, it can be made into something much bigger and more powerful and beautiful than we could’ve imagined while the rain was pouring down. 

As i write this with tears trickling down, i haven’t seen what’s being made with the rain in my life, but i pray it will be unveiled soon. until then, i’m working every day though the rain, though i slip, i can’t see, and times seems impossible, i know something good is bound to be made of it all, even if it’s me being made.


Keep Shining

Shanna Star

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