Waffle Queen Wookies- and the inspiring entrepreneur!

You know those women you just click with? Well, I mean I might have stalked her online first and tried out her amazing products. but Im pretty much just obsessed with Sarah and so proud of her! I believe so much in her business, her reason, and her. I’m so thankful for her in my life and our coffee dates and meetings that refresh my soul and my business motivation. I could go on and on about her, but the bottom line is, she’s one of those encouraging, believing in other women and rooting for everyone- entrepreneurs and MAN do we all need more women like her in life.

We had one (of the many to come!) photoshoots showing off her Wookies Waffle Cookies (click that word to go to her website to order some.. you won’t be sorry!) and the Waffle Queen herself. If you follow Davista Photography on Instagram, you’ve seen this gorgeous woman, otherwise meet Sarah! one of my favorite people, love her!

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Makeup by Mary Morgan

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only fitting to share a book from the lovely Cara Alwill Leyba for this post! It’s all about female entrepreneurs. Click below to get Girl Code and use my amazon affiliates code!

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Wetlands Las Vegas- Outdoor Boudoir

" You can do anything a man can do" isn't what we want, we want to be women. Fierce and strong, tender and loving. Seeking adventures along with friendships and vulnerability as we connect with people. Laugh and cry and conquer our dreams. What men can do is amazing, but we are unique to our own and what a beautiful thing it is. 

While I was in Vegas I had the opportunity to photograph and spend some time with Angela. She knows who she is and exactly what she brings to the table, and I love that about her.  I'm so proud of her accomplishments and goals, and I just can't speak enough about the confidence she exudes when she walks into a room.

I first met her in the gym.  I have to admit...intimidating with her big headphones and kicking a$$ every time she was there. but  here's a few of my favorites from our session!


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check out those fabulous shoes she brought! perfection. 


Makeup: Las Vegas Makeup Girl


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Shanna Star

The feminine heart And the Strength unseen

the feminine heart and strength unseen blog post

My bright shining mother. Her name is Starla, so if that wasn’t a clue to her life from birth, i don’t know what is. She’s a warrior, not the kind you’re thinking of.  she’s not always the same strong that i am. She not only taught me self confidence and self love, but she taught me something she didn’t even always have. I’m outwardly strong, quick to be courageous with my words, always willing to speak out when i need and a little feisty. (I give credit to my wonderful grandmother) But what i see from her now and hope to gain more of is the inwardly strong. The kind you don’t see sometimes for years in a person. the womanly classic emotional strength. the kind that carries others’ burdens with poise and freely gives to those in need. Listening and enjoying the deepest stories from ones that come to her. Taking care of herself but caring for others’ hearts truly and passionately. The empathy that heals souls and encourages women without saying a word. motivating just by being herself completely. part of this comes with practice, wisdom, experience. It’s something i have found so beautiful about women not in their 20’s and 30’s (except my mom is 39 right mom?) that i hope to achieve. some of this only can come from the purest of hearts that so many don’t understand about her. Her joy, happiness, constant service and beauty that shines. Her emotional strength. such a unique kind of feminine strength we often mistake for weakness, and not until our hearts are softened or opened do we find that strength more beautiful than words can describe. one of most feminine strong hearts i’ve come across, and if you know her, you’d have to agree.

I recently had a friend who sent a photograph of herself from years before, joking about how she hasn’t changed, and i found myself immediately talking about beauty of women who aren’t AS young. something i’ve recently learned and come to believe whole heartedly. I used to think beauty and strength was just for younger women, i didn’t want to get older or ever get a wrinkle (don’t worry, as soon as i spoke those words, it got me… i already have wrinkles by my eyes and i love them.) But i see these wonderful women, especially my mother and her mother too when she was with us. There is something so extraordinary and beautiful and sexy about a woman who’s not in her 20’s and 30’s. It draws us in, they come into their own and without trying have that sex appeal. It’s not making duck faces or trying to be sexy, it’s something they have. my step-dad spoke about this a few times to me, saying he believes my grandmother become more beautiful as she aged and when he said that, i started paying attention much more closely to this. The women my mom surrounds herself with have every ounce of this. (I often tell her i’m stealing her friends and I'm not joking! I adore them) Then listening to a photographer i am obsessed with, Sue Bryce, she spoke the same. There’s just this poise and sexiness that younger women try to get but women above 30 naturally walk around with. And what a privilege to be able to get older, wiser, more confident, and obtain a beauty that’s not necessarily outwardly but it’s something we have naturally. sign me up for natural confidence and sexiness.

I’m starting to change my perspective on beauty. Don’t get me wrong, young women (and yes i realize i’m only 29) are beautiful souls too. i just think we’re much too quick to push aside women who exude their beauty in a completely different way. 

For myself, as a younger woman, i think part is that perception we want to give off. Young, vibrant, things are still in the same place (ehhh for the most part… i swear gravity starts dragging us down at 25) have you looked in a woman’s magazine lately? If not, don’t. it was one of the FIRST things i got rid of when i was trying to build my self confidence, those are a killer. But those magazines hardly have any woman over the age of 25. and what a shame. learning from women who over 40 have this unexplainable way about them. i watch Sue Bryce (anddd maybe it’s party she has an accent) it’ just the way she holds her self, the way she speaks. she’s absolutely lovely. 

feminine hearts unite blog post

I’m writing this to give credit to my mom. She’s one of my best friends and not only gives her full attention and heart when it’s needed, but she helps surround me with women who instill confidence and encouragement. It has made me so thankful for the women i have in my life too. I also just have felt moved to share the beauty of a woman who isn’t in her 30’s. I speak about beauty often, and many of my clients tend to be younger, but i would adore to photograph women who are over that age. I'm also writing this because we need to be opened to not on the beauty of a woman who's not AS young, but what she brings to the table and her feminine heart. Don't get me wrong, I know women always have insecurities and want to look lean and worry what they look like in a photograph. 

It’s strange in an incredible way how these conversations and subjects come my way. a few short conversations with people i adore, and then it makes sense why i’ve been reading what I have and all the random notes I sketched. I was going to save this for mother’s day. but i couldn’t. I was stuck with the right words and subjects for weeks, and now i feel inspired again and it’s coming together for the time being. 

When I was much younger, about the age of 14, I looked over at my mom as we watched movies. She would be crying most of the time. I would laugh and immediately think it was weak. how wrong I was, and of course the thing I made fun of her for has become something I do constantly. I have loved getting a little older and having those vulnerable moments with friends and loved ones, and now I understand when she told me that it would happen to me too, it's a woman's heart.

the heart is powerful meme

To the women near and far in distance in my life, you help shape me. I don’t forget the small gestures you’ve done or the big laughs and cries we’ve had. In the quiet moments or loud singing moments, i’m thankful for you. I'm thankful I can cry with you too, because it seems to be happening more. And if anyone would like to join, I'm definitely crying right now. #shamelesslyfeminine #teamfeminineheart 


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Self Care Is Self Respect

Women. We all do it. We all deny compliments, give until we can’t, and tell ourselves we aren’t good enough. It’s become part of the norm for women as we see constantly compare online “perfect” women who seem to have 90 hours in a day. Today I’m going to encourage and be a little harsh about things we all need to work on.. together. Let’s hold one another accountable and be there for other women. it’s tough and we should be telling ourselves wonderful things because we are strong, capable, passionate women. 

The first is accepting compliments.I know many want to come across as humble and so denying compliments and encouragement seems like the right way to do that. I’m here to say, that’s the first step we need to take.. accepting compliments. I recently came across and video and book that described what happens when we deny compliments. Here’s the example. Let’s say a friend gets you a physical gift. Would you say no and deny it completely? Then why do we deny a gift from their lips? One that they willingly and want to give you, to encourage you? I still am working on this, but I will tell you it changed me slowly. I accept compliments, I let them sink in and in time, it gives me an extra boost so that I can pass on love to someone else. What a beautiful thing. Allowing our love tanks to be filled so we can give it back to people. I’m going to challenge you to accept compliments. There’s nothing else you have to say aside from “thank you.” Then let it sink in that they BELIEVE it and you should too. 

No this doesn’t make humility go away. In fact I think it shows great character when I hear another woman accept my compliment whether I’ve never met her, or have known her for years. It’s confidence building, self-love building words to keep for your heart. Sometimes to remind yourself on those days we can’t go on, can’t get up, and have no energy.. you reach down and somehow find a little motivation because you accepting that gift. 

The second thing we as women need to do is take care of ourselves. I don’t mean exercise 6 hours a day and only eat clean food and ignore our families to get pedicures. I mean take a little time to do what gives you energy and helps your grow. Myself- I need alone time. I need space sometimes. I do grow confidence in the gym, but there are other ways. I take some time to read and to reach out to people. Whether it’s because you need them, or they need you. It’s okay and necessary to take care of you. Again, to give more to your family, you need that tank filled or at least not completely empty. It’s not selfish. It’s self respect. (And no I don’t mean look perfect going out or even showering everyday. I’m sitting here wearing flannel and grandpa slippers and I have no intention of showering today.) Today I’m reading, praying, and then going on with things I need to do. I do this to grow for me but also when someone needs me I'm able to give back.

The third thing we all need to work on is how we speak to ourselves. Whether it’s in the mirror or aloud to others. I’m not saying fake it till you make it. But words become thoughts and vice versa and we’re thinking and telling ourselves things we would NEVER tell ones we love. I have days where I can’t see the good in myself. Usually this correlates with hormones. Anyone other women experience this craziness I all girl brain? This is when I reach into my heart and remember those compliments and I pray. Those days WILL happen but the best thing we can do is not entertain those thoughts. If for example I’m feeling overweight I don’t stand in front of the mirror and pinch and pull at every “flaw.” I know there are days like that where I simply have to say.. nope, I’m cute but today I can’t look in the mirror. Those days I put on a loose shirt and move on. When there are days that my girl brain finally is coming around and sees beauty that God made, I stand there extra long and agree I am beautiful as He made me. (I store those up for later ) 

Ladies I'm not trying to point out every little thing you do wrong. Because you are doing SO much right. Working, taking care of your family and your spouse and I swear you all volunteer 30 hours a week. I'm here to remind you that YOU were fearfully and wonderfully made. I struggle with negative thoughts, giving too much, and denying compliments. But when I tweak how I go about a few things, it starts to change my mindset and energy. I want that for you. Extra energy to go finish that Pinterest project? nah.. maybe not. But at least cook dinner and feel worthy of love. 


"Words can poison, words can heal. Words start and fight wars, but words make peace. Words lead men to the pinnacles of good and words can plunge men to the depths of evil." So why do we allow our own minds to continually tell us those negative thoughts and deny encouragement? We have control over the thoughts we entertain. We are those strong, capable, passionate women. Let's start accepting it. :) 

Keep Shining

Shanna Star

***Disclaimer. I realize mental health is a serious topic, and to those of you that deal with any of these, I know you cannot just change all thoughts and get over it. I was diagnosed with a short term situational depression 8 years ago, and although I have overcome it, I know It can't all be changed by simply telling yourself a good thought while looking in the mirror. And in no way am I saying it's boiled down to that. I would love to talk more about that, but this particular post just couldn't touch on every part of it. However, I would love to talk to you if you'd like to talk about it. 

Womens Figure Competitor- Fitness model portraits, Molly

I love photographing these strong women. Goal oriented, hard workers, and positive mentality. I love when they’re able to take a small break from it just to see their hard work in print. To capture forever what they’ve worked hard for, for months, and years. Molly has competed a few times, always in women’s figure and her last show was in Vegas for the NPC USA. 

We started out at White Sands National Park, and then to my studio to show off those gorgeous muscles! Molly brought all the outfits you see, except for the blue one.. i happen to purchase it for a shoot in mind but never got around to using it yet.. and it fit her perfectly! (it’s from Amazon if you all are curious) So here’s just a few favorites from our shoot. and she KILLED it! 

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You can follow Molly on instagram: molly_maya and don't forget to comment and leave her some love! she worked so hard and looks FABULOUS! 

-Keep Shining

Shanna Star